So on this day I ended up waking up super early on account of this flu of death I was battling. On my way to the juice bar to flush out this sickness with shots of ginger and wheatgrass, who do I see out front eating an acai bowl? My good friend @jkjhnsn. Before walking in to get my acai bowl, he asks me if I wanted to watch him break into his car. I start cracking up and say "sure". In this photo here we have him saying "I gotta take off my belt first so I can fit into this window". I start laughing hysterically and manages to squeeze into this little ass window . Then he asks if I wanna eat my acai bowl in his van while he rolls a joint. Haha I'm glad I woke up early and ran into him randomly. Thanks bud for picking me up that morning when I was feeling like shit. #film #35mm #ricohgr1